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You have come this far… Fantastic! We love your passion for Lakeside.

The simplest and most obvious thing to do, and something we are probably all doing already, is to keep your eyes open when you’re out and about in Lakeside— walking the dog, jogging, visiting, on your route to and from home. If you see anything or anyone odd, suspicious or out of the ordinary, simply follow the steps below.



What to do if somethings up?

Send a clear concise message to the Alerts WhatsApp group as soon as safe to do so noting:

  1. Location:Where is it happening? What street & house number or nearest intersection.
  2. Description:of people/vehicles involved enough for a someone to be able to spot them from your description.
  3. Description of suspicious activity: Are they trying to open a car that’s not theirs? climbing over walls? Let us know what they are doing that is cause for concern.

If you not on the WhatsApp Alert groups, give us a shout and we will add you. Also try and send alerts as soon as possible as Patrollers and Armed response act on your tip-offs .

Had something already happen to you?

Sadly despite all our best efforts, bad things happen. We hope you okay and if you need any assistance or trauma counselling please contact us. Also if you want advice on how to improve your security or keep yourself a little safer give us a shout. When something happens to you (a break in/mugging/attempted theft) Please report it to SAPS. Ill say that again Please report to SAPS. Every crime needs to be reported in order for our area to get police resources. No reported crimes, no allocated resources so even if nothing got taken please report it. If you making a statement or opening a case, here is a handy checklist of everything that needs to be added in. The more information included, the more likely the Police can act on it, or if the criminal is caught the more likely the charges will be able to be pinned to them.

>Statement Checklist< 

Become A Patroller!

Wait – don’t skip over this one – it’s the most important! Read on. We have a Buddy Patrol system where we team you up with one of our seasoned patrollers so that you can get a taste of what a patrol is like. New patrollers are always needed as our list of patrollers is ever-changing due to work commitments, overseas travel – etc. So, if you’re willing and able to give it a try, please do try our successful Buddy Patrol system. This way, it’s so much more reassuring for a first-timer. Remember too, you don’t have to be tough, or even brave; you just need to care enough to play your part for a two-hour stint every two weeks. Well, that’s the frequency we’re aiming for and each new patroller helps us to get closer to that goal. So, go on, email us now to try a buddy patrol – it can be fun and you’re meeting a new neighbour! Download the application or click on the button below to see the steps to becoming a Patroller.

Download Application

Steps to becoming a Patroller


For many people it’s more enjoyable if the shift is shared with a fellow Lakesider sometimes over a flask of coffee though some parollers say they enjoy the quiet-time of being alone. If night patrolling is not possible for you, note that we’re looking for day patrollers too… and foot patrollers perhaps doubling up with you walking the dog. Send us an email if you have any questions or would like to find out more… or simply click the button below.

Steps to becoming a Patroller


If patrolling is out of the question for you (we understand its not for everybody) there are other ways you can help – and we need lots of help in different ways for Lakeside Community Watch to continue to be an effective and smooth-running organization. Please email us to find out more…

Being a voluntary organisation working for the community, we have lots of projects that need funding. Every bit helps and every bit will be much appreciated. We would love to be added to your monthly debit orders no matter how small the amount, we will make it work for YOU!

  • Bank: FNB Tokai
  • Account name: Lakeside Community Watch
  • Account number: 62 607 807 966
  • Electronic banking code: 200409
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