Whats the story?

  • Many of residents are asking when Lakeside and Zandvlei will be getting Fibre Internet connectivity. Fiber is being installed around Cape Town by various suppliers however at this stage its being done on demand. Simply put if enough people in an area register interest that they want fiber, the company will start installing in that area.

**the Latest is Vuma seems to be the closest option at the moment**


How do I register my interest?

  • Let’s try get as much interest in the area and make this a reality. There are four companies that you can register interest with…Openserve, Vuma, Frogfoot and Octotel
  • All it is is registering interest… you are not bound by any obligations, any contracts and it costs you NOTHING!
    Please ensure you register by selecting FTTH option and filling in the appropriate details and then get either a confirmation email or sms, whichever you prefer.
    When you receive a confirmation email, be sure to confirm your email address, else the confirmation process will not be completed!
  • Registration commits you to nothing. It just helps us get FIBRE to our roads for when you or a future buyer moves wants it.
  •  Please register your interest here:

    Open serve –   https://openserve.co.za/interest-register/location.

    Vuma – https://vumatel.co.za/coverage 

    Octotel – https://www.octotel.co.za

    ** the latest is VUMA needs 182 more people to express interest to take it to the next stage so get chatting to your neighbours. Note: Neither LCW nor any of its members are linked to any fibre provider, we are just keen to get this service in  Lakeside!**

How long will it take?

  • It all depends how much interest is generated. So chat to your neighbours and get as many people in Lakeside and Zandvlei to register interest. It could change waiting years into waiting a few months.

What exactly is Fibre?

  • Fibre is High Speed Open Access Internet to your home

  • Fibre networks have been built with two things in mind – stability and speed.
    Have you ever paid for a 4 megabit per second (4Mbps) line but only experience speeds of 1Mbps when you’re lucky? We think that’s like paying for a Big Mac® and only getting the bun, so fibre networks are built differently. If you order a 20 megabit per second (20Mbps) line then that’s what you will get, 24/7, no matter how many movies your neighbour is downloading.
  • Fibre operators build an open access fibre network which means that Vumatel or Openserve is not a service provider but simply installs the infrastructure. Residents can then choose from a number of Internet Service Providers for internet packages ranging from as little R396 per month.*The open access nature of the network prevents the duplication of infrastructure and drives down prices for the end-user.
    Choose the service provider and the package that you want. Easily change between providers and packages as your needs change.
  • Fibre operators deploys their networks suburb by suburb.
    If you would like to bring fibre to your suburb, simply register your interest


Want to know more?

Head on over to Facebook and join the conversation and lets start talking about this. Please also talk to your neighbours, many of whom are not on Facebook or aware of whats happening. We need all the interest we can get to make this happen for our area!