Whats the story?

  • A mast company has made an applications to City of Cape Town to install a now reduced heigh 21m high cell phone mast at Lakeside station which the city has approved despite unprecedented number of objections.  This application has many flaws and issues that have not been addressed or have simply been ignored by the city. However those who objected would have received notification of appeal and we urge you to use this right.  It follows a pretty similar process to your original objection but we will lay out all the steps below.

Why should I be against it?

  • It it well documented around the world about the health risks associated with living in close proximity to these masts. Some of the highlights are childhood cancers, 500% increased cancer risks for adults, neurological conditions, depression, suicidal tendencies… Sadly the list really goes on. What is close proximity?… research has determined all these increased risks are linked to people within 500m of such masts yet this mast is within 50m to the closest house. If you download the objection letter you will see a list of just some of the research and negative effects these masts can have.
  • Even if you don’t believe the health issues, here are some other reasons. Property in the area can be devalued by up to 30% because who wants to buy their dream home next to a phone mast and the perceived risks associated with it. This affects the suburb as a whole as it takes away from the desirability of Lakeside resulting in taking money away from what is most peoples biggest asset. This mast will be the tallest object in the area by a long way and they are not disguising it as a tree… what they are asking for is the cheapest, tallest, most industrial looking tower they can get. This is our neighbourhood, our homes… is that what you want to see from you bedroom window instead of the sunrise?

Do I need to to have objected to appeal?

  • No, anyone can appeal the decision and you have until the 27th of December 2017 to do so. For updates please see the Facebook page… we will update as we know things. If there has been no update it just means nothing has happened for a while which is often the case in these applications.

How do I object?

  • So what that means for you is just to send an email similar to this in your own words and odd or omit any reasons applicable. Just note that you cant just use the same reasons as before as they already ruled on that but rather it must be new information or in response to the ruling. Also please cc in lakesidecommunityobjections@gmail.com for a record of your appeal
  •  To: appeals.southern@capetown.gov.za
  • CC:lakesidecommunityobjections@gmail.com
  • Subject: Appeal REMAINDER ERF 85354 CAPE TOWN AT LAKESIDE, STATION ROAD ApplicationTo whom this may concern

    In terms of section 108(1) of the City of Cape Town Municipal Planning By-Law, 2015, I wish to appeal to the Appeal Authority against the above decision for the following reasons:

    Since the objection period closed,  roof top antennae have been installed on top of the Old bakery centre (erf 85381) , Lakeside on main road just 250m away from the proposed mast site and 450m away from the existing Roof Top masts located at Lakeside Fire Station (erf 84838) which have been recently upgraded too. The motivation provided by the applicant was founded on need for antennae in the area but that now has fallen away.

    The proposed mast is just too close to existing infrastructure to be warranted and does not comply with the City’s mast policy which calls for co-location.

    Yours sincerely

    Joe Bloggs

    132 Main Road Lakeside

    084 123 4567

    • the erection of the new mast on old bakery makes the motivation by the applicant that an additional mast is required void.
    • 130 notices were served and 123 objections were received with no letters of support. It is clear that the community DO NOT WANT THIS so again the motivation by the applicant that the community wants additional towers is void.
    • There are two existing stations within 500m, it is unwarranted to install another one and it goes against the city’s policy of co-location where possible.
  • please send it today!

    Done. You have helped Lakeside and the wonderful people who live here, Thank you!

Want to know more?


Head on over to Facebook and join the conversation and lets start talking about this. Please also talk to your neighbours, many of whom are not on Facebook or aware of whats happening. We need all the support we can get to help protect you, your rights and your properties.


Here are all the documents from the city should you want to know more and an extract from the notice to appeal letter:

“In terms of section 108(1) of the City of Cape Town Municipal Planning By-Law, 2015, you may appeal to the Appeal Authority against the above decision by giving written notice of such appeal and the grounds of appeal.

An appeal, including the written notice and the grounds of appeal (and not only the intention to appeal), must be lodged with the City Manager, c/o the Southern District Manager, at the following email address: appeals.southern@capetown.gov.za within 21 days of the date of notification of the decision. If the appeal cannot be lodged by email it may be hand delivered to the Southern District Secretary 3 Victoria Road, Plumstead, 7800 within 21 days of the date of notification of the decision. See definition of notification date in footnote below to determine the closing date for submission. If this letter has been sent to you by registered mail, then it is your responsibility to establish the date stamped upon the receipt for registration issued by the post office when accepting this notice from the City of Cape Town. You will need to contact the post office and use the tracker number on the envelope for this purpose.”