Dear Community

Community. This is what its all about. LCW is and has always been about serving the community of Lakeside. We have a vision of better, safer and closer Lakeside and love it when people share our vision. We are a voluntary organisation and cannot do it without the generous time, effort and donations that you, the people of Lakeside give to LCW. So we here at LCW just want to give you, yes every single one of you, a big thank you for helping build our community!


Firstly on the front lines of everything, our patrollers, you are what makes us LCW. You are what its all about. Thank you for giving up your precious time to keep our streets safe and help the community when in need. We know that many of you have clocked up some serious milage and fuel bills! LCW thanks each and every one of you!

We would also like to thank those behind the scenes. Often when events happen, notices get sent or projects for the community get organized, people forget that there are individuals behind the scenes working furiously to make those events happen giving time and precious resources for the benefit of all. LCW thanks each and every one of you!


The community without your support and donations we wouldn’t be LCW. You are what we do this for and its great to know that you are behind us 100%

Finally, we would like to thank all those who have sponsored prizes for our fundraising events. We have big dreams for Lakeside and its with your help that we are able to make them a little more real. Below is a list of the amazing sponsors and we encourage the community to support them as much as they support us.